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Black Buck: Air-to-Air

  • Martin Withers
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnett


They reckon the weakest

the captains had been trained in air-to-air refueling

We haven't got time

And so really

the risk was

for the end of all this trip,

that's at some point he's

was going to break the probe off

So they decided that the poor air-to-air

who would go with the crew

So they knew one another

and so poor old Dick on his 50th birthday.

Never been to war before.

He was absolutely horrified

because he thought he was just

But poor old Dick was sitting there

Nothing to do sitting on his parachute,

dreading every second of it.

And he was hearing all these screams

and he thought his number was up.

And I felt really, really sorry for him

His situation is not about sitting

but this poor guy.

It was a very poor

we relied very heavily on him

I was more practice at

refueling, actually getting

a joint, joining up and so on.

But he was very good at sitting there,


well after the attack,

I went down the back

Slept like a baby because I'm so pleased

that I was still alive

And I

that I was needed there.

So and I

went up the little ladder goes up to this,

I just stood on the ladder

and they were about as low

While one is in the air,

I didn't know how far it was.

We had to go, but we were getting close

they were meant to be sending two out

to bring us home,

but another one to on unserviceable.

So they only had one

The two pilots who've been there have been

to you, to make sure that we could make

of fuel.

And I climbed into the seat.

And by that time,

who was actually coming south to meet us.

We were running late,

He was actually coming further down

And by this time of daylight,

and I still remember

or he did a perfect join up

tech and tactical navigation

And you can actually tell ranges

So as you're coming in,

he would actually know him

I don't know where it is

and it actually worked out a treat

and could see this

with the hose trailing behind.

I say it

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