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Black Buck: the Run-In

  • Martin Withers
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnett


The initial plan was to go in at low level

And we're very comfortable.

I mean, I'd have been quite happy

at less than 100 feet,

But if you did that, we were relying on

being steered towards the target

That was also not very accurate,

the what

But with that, with the standard

kit that we had on board,

so we would be lucky

And certainly flying a low level at night

But if we relied upon radar to release the bomb

because we knew we couldn't

And he, the navigator, never had

It needs a certain amount of time

his aiming point and if you're coming at 100 knots, sorry 100 feet

and then

pulled up to 300 feet,

for the bomb to actually arm itself

And he wouldn't have seen a thing.

He wouldn't have been able

And we actually ended up doing a pull up

It gave him time to aim at something

and to get steady attack

The bomb doors

we opened manually. They will go automatically,

but could opened them manually

and and then the whole system

And actually,

and then it shows you as the bombs go off.

It's in the little things.

And it's essentially

It's something like

two second intervals.

But it did seem quite a long time,

there was watching them go.

This is the last bomb gone.

The guy down the back just closed the bomb doors,

and I just rolled it away

just to get the hell out of there.

And the things have been written to say

and one thing and another

But we certainly saw nothing from.

We would have been releasing something

It's roughly

When you released the bomb, it does

rise, you know,

so you have to really hold it steady

for that brief period, several seconds.

But then there is afterwards it was back.

So, you know, it's full power and ball.

After attacking, we're supposed to run out

Well, as it turned out, the Argentinians

didn't have any

and we were far off going back,

send out any mirages

We are tracking away from Argentina.

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