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Cracked windscreen

  • Murdo MacLeod
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnet


I remember flying with Pete Squire

on a trip that was central

to his obituary in the Times

and we finished the attack and we ended up

clearing the the ridge to the north

by this ridge and over the other side.

And I was flying

But we did fly quite low.

And I also remember

realizing that what I was looking at

or hares or something in the blur.

Anyway, when we got to the ridge

when you're that close to the ground,

the quarter lights, not out the front,

because that's the problem.

You're that close to the ground.

So you went over the ridge

you got a chance

push over the ridge

And I remember

and looked out the front and

my windscreen

So and it was spreading

glazing cracks everywhere.

And it was compounded as we climbed

differential pressurization in the cockpit

the falling ambient pressure

meant there was quite a lot of force

although partially balanced by the the

the dynamic energy of the

the airflow, which wasn't that part

The boundary layer tended to flow, but

I remember thinking

do I depressurize or not?

If I depressurize will increase

And if I leave it pressurized,

So I did the manly thing and did nothing.

I'll leave it and see how it pans out. So

but of course it highlighted an issue

which was not being able to climb

back to the fleet because it had an impact

The higher I climbed, the more

So I thought I'd better stop here

get back to the ship.

But I remember I pushed over the ridge

the gentleman boss who said,

All right, motor

it. I said, Yes, Paul,

I think so.

I told him a little bit later

I'd like to stop about 20, you know,

which is what we did As it happened,

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