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The Harrier GR3

  • Dr Peter Johnston


The Harrier GR3 played a significant role

The Harrier

GR3s of the RAF were actually called down

The idea

being that they would engage in air to air

However, the GR3 was a ground attack

modified to enable it to carry out

This had to be tested.

Pilots had to qualify and move beyond what

them for.

This was not about smashing up

the German border.

This would be about engaging single

in the skies of the South Atlantic,

Air to air combat was practiced

to really test them

before they were then sent South.

In the end, the

GR3s were not actually put into an air

been intended, but actually to move back

42% of the ordnance dropped on

which considering how comparatively late

they arrived in the combat

This is a really significant contribution


reflected that it was the Harrier GR3

the deadlock there and achieved that first

which did so much to turn the tide

when diplomatic efforts seem to be

That helped establish

over the Argentines to build upon

and really swing that momentum

From then, they can mount more successful

Until they initially closed on

  • Harrier GR3

    © RAF Museum

  • Harrier GR3

    © RAF Museum

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