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9/11 Changed Everything

  • Alice McDermott
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


About seven, eight months in,

kind of a brand captain,

still a bit shiny as a captain,

and at that time,

I was serving on the Officer's Mess Committee,

and I was over in the Mess,

in one of the meeting rooms,

and we had our committee meeting,

and I walked out of that meeting,

and there was a bit of commotion going on in the TV room

and people were calling us over,

and I walked over,

and I saw the news,

and I watched this replay of the first aircraft

flying into the Twin Towers,

and it was really weird.

It was like we were watching something fiction.

This was something from a movie,

and we all knew something strange was happening,

so we all got over to the squadron.

We all got in the crew room.

We got our cups of coffee,

and we just sat there with the news on,

and we watched the rest of the events happen.

The squadron bosses from all the different squadrons

and the squadron execs were asking us,

you know, just to hang around and see what was happening.

Immediately, there was not a lot that happened,

but all of us went away that day

knowing that the world had changed.

There was gonna be something different on the horizon.

  • Alice McDermott's air operation medals from Iraq and Afghanistan

    © RAF Museum

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