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Hearts and Minds

  • Ian Sweet
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Sometimes it could be quite difficult.

I would say the language barrier,

so we had to take an interpreter with us.

It was just trying to get their respect

and get them to understand why we're there,

why we're doing what we're doing,

and then just getting their help to defend us,

as we're helping to defend them at the same time.

So it was quite difficult in some of the villages

'cause some of the villages didn't like us,

other villages loved us.

The best part was getting interaction with the kids,

the local, Iraqi kids.

And they thought it was great.

Love interaction with them.

You just go out and play football with them.

That is just winning the hearts and minds of the locals.

In effect, that helped keep the airbase safe.

If you're happy and friendly with them,

they're happy and friendly with you.

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