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Adventure Training

  • Ian Sweet
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


I went to Austria for a week.

We went skiing, white water rafting,

and paragliding as well, it cost me 25 pound for the week,

so it was brilliant.

But yeah, paragliding, we was on top of the mountain range,

parachute laid out behind you,

with the instructor you just run and jump off

the side of the mountain.

And then the parachute just opened up

and you're just floating down for about 20 minutes.

It was my commanding officer actually,

when he landed he fell over and cowpat in the face,

so that was quite funny.

Whitewater rafting was brilliant and the skiing.

Yeah, skiing down the slopes of Austria was great.

It was a 17 hour bus journey on the way there,

and so we spent 17 hours in the coach.

That was 70 squaddies drinking for 17 hours.

We got to Austria, got changed

and went back out on the pub again,

so it was a good experience.

Then the next day we was up 6 o'clock for mountain biking.

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