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Leaving to be a Dad

  • Ian Sweet
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


I left in 2006 'cause my daughter,

Sophie, was born in September 2004.

I went to Belize jungle when she was six weeks old,

then I came back, she was 13 weeks old,

and then I got shipped out to Iraq

when she was four, five months old.

I spent five, six months out in Iraq,

I came back and my daughter didn't know who I was.

She wouldn't come to me, she wouldn't let me pick her up,

she wouldn't let me put her to bed,

but she'd let my twin brother.

My twin brother could pick her up,

my twin brother could hold her, put her to bed,

and that's what changed me.

I thought, I want to be a dad, I want to be a family man,

and that's when I decide to put my release papers in

and 18 months later I was out.

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