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Great Grandma’s Funeral

  • Lauren Smith
  • Interview by: Julian Hale


So my most difficult decision I've had to make

since being in the Air Force

was very early on into my career.

When I was in basic training at RAF Halton,

four weeks in, so I was in my regiment phase,

I sadly received the news

that my great grandmother had passed away

which was my idol for joining the Air Force.

It came as a massive blow

and it was the first close relative I'd ever lost,

so not only being so far away from my family

and having to deal with that was hard enough.

I spoke with my sergeant about going to the funeral,

who, at the time,

was very condoning but also had to explain to me

that I wouldn't be able to go to the funeral

unless I was willing to sacrifice

the four weeks I'd already committed

and start back at day zero.

I was put in a really difficult situation.

That weekend, I went home and I had a chat

with my mum who I'm very close with

and I said to her, I was like,

what do you think I should do?

And she was like, your nan would be so proud of you.

You should stay, you should do it.

And I knew in the back of my head,

my nan would be saying, no, stay, stay, stay, so I did.

I stayed and I got through the nine weeks

and I passed out and here I am today.

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