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Hyde Park Corner

  • Candida Adkins
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


My mother always loved driving, right up to,

well, she was still driving when she died at 84.

I think if someone had taken away her car,

she would have just died anyway,

because to her, if she couldn't fly a plane,

then the car was the next best thing.

So, she was driving up to London,

and she was driving around Hyde Park Corner,

and the police stopped her.

And I think they thought,

"Oh, this driver, drunk-driver,

"We've gotta find out who this driver is."

So they stopped her, and were really surprised to find

this little old lady at the wheel,

and she got told off for driving too slowly.

And my brother-in-law, he said,

"If only they'd known that she was the woman

who had been through the sound barrier!" (laughs)

She's flown in all these planes, and she then got stopped

for driving too slowly round Hyde Park Corner.

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